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Title: Building Web Apps with WordPress

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Building Web Apps with WordPress


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Brian Messenlehner
Jason Coleman



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May 5, 2014



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August 9, 2015
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Picture of Dave Smith
Dave Smith
Building Web Apps with WordPress was written for anyone familiar with WordPress as a user or designer who wants to increase their skill set to developing web applications.

The reader is given practical examples in the development process, using the author's project SchoolPress, a WordPress application designed to manage interactions between teachers and students in an education environment.

To explain in more detail what this book is about, let me give you an overview of the book chapters:

Chapter 1 - Building Web Apps with WordPress: discusses what a web app is and some of the advantages to using WordPress as the development framework.

Chapter 2 - WordPress Basics: lays out the basic directory and database structure and some of the common functions available for development.

Chapter 3 - Leveraging WordPress Plugins: takes the reader through using existing plugins, modifying existing plugins through creating your own plugins to extend WordPress.

Chapter 4 - Themes: shows the reader how themes can be used for front end design, versus plugins used for backend coding, including the latest techniques in responsive design.

Chapter 5 - Custom Post Types, Post Metadata, and Taxonomies: lays out how the WordPress developer should use post types and taxonomies in their projects.

Chapter 6 - Users, Roles, and Capabilities: shows how to extend the WordPress User class and the use of available user plugins currently available.

Chapter 7 - Other WordPress APIs, Objects, and Helper Functions: introduces the reader to more tools to help them with their development projects.

Chapter 8 - Secure WordPress discusses the importance of and methods to ensure your WordPress installation and web application are as secure as possible.

Chapter 9 - JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX: looks at asynchronous programming within the WordPress framework.

Chapter 10 - XML-RPC: takes the reader through the use of WordPress's remote procedure call interface for communicating outside your project.

Chapter 11 - Mobile Apps with WordPress: provides the reader with a basic method to generate a mobile application.

Chapter 12 - PHP Libraries, External APIs, and Web Services: takes us outside the WordPress framework and into using service available within native PHP development and how to integrate those services into your project.

Chapter 13 - Building WordPress Multisite Networks: discusses the use of the WordPress Multisite feature for administrating multiple installations from one centralized location.

Chapter 14 - Localizing WordPress Apps: lays out how language translation is managed within the WordPress framework.

Chapter 15 - E-commerce: compares several payment plugins available to help you choose the right one, should you need to set up payments within your application or charge for the use of your application.

Chapter 16 - WordPress Optimization and Scaling: gives you the techniques to properly set up WordPress for use under a heavy load.

WordPress has become a popular vehicle to deploy Web sites since it can easily be extended with plugins and themes. This book is for anyone ready to move beyond the basic plug an play operations of WordPress as a user or designer and into leveraging it for development as a developer.

The layout is well thought out and the concepts are presented in a way that they are easy to understand.

The authors have a definite bias toward WordPress which can be seen by the constant reminders by them of just how great they feel WordPress is, however this can be forgiven since the publication is written for and market to WordPress users.
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