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Title: Modern PHP

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Modern PHP


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Josh Lockhart



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March 1, 2015



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July 6, 2015
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Picture of Dave Smith
Dave Smith
PHP is constantly evolving, introducing new features while deprecating outdated ones.

The PHP community also evolves with new practices to meet current demands and solve problems from hard learned lessons.

One of the foundations of the PHP community is sharing. From sharing our expertise to sharing our code, each of which is much more valuable when up to date.

Modern PHP, by Josh Lockhart, covers these important subjects in three main parts.

The first part, "Language Features", looks at some of the important, latest features released with PHP.

As much as we, as developers, try to keep up to date with what is going on, many times our schedules just do not provide enough time to really get into the nuts and bolts of the latest and greatest.

Modern PHP does a good job of not only introducing us to these new features but also moving a little deeper into how they are working and what they can do to improve our projects.

The second part, "Good Practices", takes us beyond the best practices you would expect to see here and covers some of the latest standards to help frameworks communicate with each other and the rise of projects being developed using components.

Yes, best practices can be found here also with the added benefit of detailing solutions that are available in modern PHP versions that were not in older legacy versions.

We are probably all familiar with best practices to prevent our applications from being hacked, or securing our members private information.

How many of us are still using the same practices we used years ago, when PHP provides new methods with newer releases?

This section provides an excellent look into the benefits of updating our methods by using modern approaches available in modern PHP.

The third part, "Deployment, Testing and Tuning", gets into modern procedures for making your project available to your users.

From the available hosting services, how modern servers are set up, testing, deployment, profiling and even using proprietary PHP implementations like Facebook's Hack.

There is so much good meat on the bones in this section that it is worth purchasing this book for this section alone.

This book, Modern PHP, is well thought out, well laid out, well written and chock full of relevant information for PHP developers.

If you are new to PHP development, you will first want to read a book that covers the basics and then definitely get this one to bring those basic concepts up to date. For everyone else, I recommend you get this book in your library right away.

It takes valuable time to keep up to date with the latest and greatest changes in each new PHP release.

If you are like me, you will take a quick look at the change log, make a note of something that looks interesting and then have only a short amount of time to skim through those interesting bits.

In his new book, Modern PHP, Josh Lockhart has done the in depth analysis work for us.
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